As a company that specializes in TV Parts for repair, we value the future of our state, and our nation, All Device Source compiles and works with the California Department of Resources and Recovery. With the spirit of improving conservation every day, we strive for waste reduction and keeping California as the number one state in the nation for diversion rate.

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Our Team is fully dedicated to keeping your data as private as possible and therefore a secure connection between your browser and our web server is a must. An SSL certificate is used by All Device Source is our way of assuring you that we do all we can by encrypting the link between you and us for a secure connection.


As a company that puts customers first, we work with the most reputable companies known to have a solid reputation. is our trusted payment gateway who has been in practice since 1996. You can count on us in your transactions as we have learned that we can count on them for your transactions and business needs.

Tech Support

All Device Source is truly committed to the support of our clients. Our technical support team is composed of individuals that are fully trained on our variety of TV Boards Brands. Helping you with your needs in answering any questions or technical concerns regarding your purchase of TV boards is our number one priority.